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Clifton & Associates, Inc
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Practice Analysis
A Comprehensive Practice Analysis and Customized Business Plan
In addition to spending time with you getting acquainted, understanding your goals, and learning which direction you are looking to grow, a thorough on-site practice assessment allows us to look at many areas of the practice, to understand your current systems, meet the members of your team, understand their concerns, observe interactions with patients, and gather information contained in a variety of computer reports. In addition, an audit of your charts is a most revealing. The evaluation is conducted during normal business hours, so we can observe first hand your interactions with patients, and how your team works together.

Next, we customize a business plan specifically to meet your needs, identify restraining factors, and give you an idea of your true practice potential. We will make specific recommendations for improvement and show you how our coaching program could impact and benefit your practice.
Contact Information
Clifton & Associates, Inc.
3825 Campus Drive
Thousand Oaks CA 91360

Practice of the YeaR 2014
Sam Saadat, DDS

Practice of the YeaR 2008

I was 6 months into purchasing my new practice and as a new practice owner I was lost and didn't know what to expect. One of my colleagues recommended using Clifton & Associates in order to get some professional coaching and establish systems in my practice. My first interaction with Scott was impressive. He knew so much about this field that I was intrigued by his knowledge. I decided to hire Scott to coach me and my team so we could become a better dental office. Since then I have noticed a 30% increase in my production, that is still maintained today. The office is extremely organized and efficient. My patients have noticed the improvements and this has brought even more patients to my practice. It was the best money spent and I highly recommend him!

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