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Clifton & Associates, Inc
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Practice of the Year

Practice of the Year 2016
Maury Masliah, D.D.S.
Demta; Desogm pf Brentwood

After ten years of private dental practice ownership, I met Scott Stewart in 1995 seeking direction to relieve my frustration with our eradic practice growth and constant staff difficulties. After his detailed practice assessment, he outlined a comprehensive plan of open communication to forge a cohesive team, use of clear expectations for each staff member (including me) and use of productivity statistics in each area of our practice as a basis for management of our practice growth. Scott helped me develop a vision of who I am as a dentist and taught me how to lead my team and share that vision with my team to get everyone working together toward a common goal that the entire team could benefit from. His training modules for each area of the practice have maximized the coordination and communication abilities of everyone in our practice. I was so fortunate to bring Scott into my practice then and continue to use his services 22 years later to help 'guide the ship' to this very day. Scott Stewart, thank you for all that you have done on our behalf through the years.

Maury Masliah, D.D.S.
Dental Design of Brentwood


Practice of the YeaR 2008Practice of the Year 2015

I have always believed that the best time to hire a coach is when you are at the top of your game. Athletes are coached throughout their careers to ensure they reach their greatest potential. My team and I work to make the playoffs each and every day. Any small error creates a snowball effect that translates into patient dissatisfaction and my bottom line. Our team would not be complete without a coach. I used Scott eight years ago and again in 2015. He is a systems genius who has organizational skills and the follow through that parallels any dentist I know. He has been able to keep my practice running smoothly so we can meet our patient’s expectations, remain calm and enjoy the profitability of practicing dentistry.

~ Dr. S


Practice of the YeaR 2008Practice of the Year 2014
Sam Saadat, DDS

I was 6 months into purchasing my new practice and as a new practice owner I was lost and didn't know what to expect. One of my colleagues recommended using Clifton & Associates in order to get some professional coaching and establish systems in my practice. My first interaction with Scott was impressive. He knew so much about this field that I was intrigued by his knowledge. I decided to hire Scott to coach me and my team so we could become a better dental office. Since then I have noticed a 30% increase in my production, that is still maintained today. The office is extremely organized and efficient. My patients have noticed the improvements and this has brought even more patients to my practice. It was the best money spent and I highly recommend him!



Practice of the YeaR 2008Practice of the Year 2013
Dar Radfar, DDS
Georgia Haddad, DDS

We have worked with Clifton and Associates and Scott Stewart twice in our 12 year dental career. First in 2005, we doubled our production in the first year; and then again in 2013 when in an economic crisis, we increased our production in both of our offices by approximately 35%! Beyond the obvious financial benefits, we and our employees have become less stressed and much happier at work. All the implementation of our training by the employees and doctors has proven to be very successful and enjoyable. We have referred Scott to many colleagues with the following statement: "The same way Michael Angelo saw art, Scott sees dental offices." Finally, and on a personal note, we have grown very fond of Scott's work ethic and character and feel honored to have met and worked with such a dedicated, caring and honorable person. Thank you Scott!

Practice of the YeaR 2008Practice of the Year 2012
Ronald Shoemaker, DDS

I would like to take this opportunity to say that me and my team are very pleased with Clifton and Associates outstanding service. Scott’s infectious personality and positivity helped guide our office into a new direction, creating better patient care and management. His thorough dissection of our daily activities allowed him to formulate a plan that now provides our office with the ability to function more efficiently. He was able to train each of us individually while improving our collective performance. In doing so, it has increased our patient satisfaction as well as our productivity. With his help, our office runs more smoothly and with a less stressful environment. The concepts that he helped us with have helped our office of 20 years grow, even during these economically hard times.
James Kanda, DDSPractice of the Year 2011
Gin H. Goei, DDS

Working with Clifton & Associates was a highly rewarding experience for our office.  Scott himself has a highly contagious energy! His coaching and perspective infused a heightened sense of direction into our team.

While there were many areas of coaching, dissecting the entire patient experience from the first phone call through their visit to our office taught us how to improve our verbal skills, how to create a “WOW” experience and how each of us individually contribute to the patients’ entire dental experience. We now have a more structured way of communicating with each other as well as our patients.  We work so much better as a team expressing a clearer picture of needed treatment and care to our patients. In addition, the system for measuring performance and reviewing our numbers created individual accountability and showed us all how we contribute to one common goal.

The concepts he helped us with encouraged growth with every staff member and growth in the practice in numerous ways.  This program helped our whole team understand what it takes to be successful!

Gin H. Goei, DDS
James Kanda, DDSPractice of the Year 2009
James Kanda, DDS

Scott Stewart and his company improved my practice in ways that I never dreamed possible! After hearing Scott speak at a local dental study club I knew that he had answers to everyday problems and frustrations that I faced. My coaching journey began in July of 2008 and the results were so impressive in the midst of a deep recession that I have continued to use his coaching services. Improvements occurred in all areas of my practice. Not only did the obvious production and collection numbers improve 34 percent and 30 percent respectively, but patient education and quality of patient care became the core concept around which all of my business and dental delivery systems functioned. The resulting patient acceptance of quality treatment was, and continues to be, a most satisfying professional achievement.

James Kanda, DDS
Diane White DDS & Les Samuelson DDSPractice of the Year 2008
Diane White DDS & Les Samuelson DDS

In March 2007 we were introduced to Clifton and Associates through a local study club. We were impressed with the presentation and volunteered for a complimentary evaluation of our practice. After reviewing our systems and the dynamics of our two doctor practice, we were given an overview of what we could expect in practice growth from the training program with Clifton and Associates. We had been in practice almost 18 years and had never worked with a dental consultant. 

In May 2007 we started our training with Scott and Becky of Clifton and Associates. Scott owns the business and is very hands-on with the training of his clients. The training covers all areas of a successful dental practice. We were impressed with the approach to educating both the staff and the doctors. We also learned that we had limited our growth potential by how we were running our business. We followed almost every one of their recommendations, and in 2008 we saw our hygiene department grow by over 33% and our gross income increase by 40%.

Most importantly, their training prioritizes excellent patient care in a way that educates the patients via photography in an approach that is comfortable and not aggressive or pushy. That was critical for us, as we have been with most of our patients for years and they are like family to us. We would absolutely without a doubt do this training program again. 

Diane White DDS
Les Samuelson DDS
Bernie B. Villadiego, DDSPractice of the Year 2007
Bernie B. Villadiego, DDS

After my initial meeting with Clifton & Associates, I knew they would be the ones to help me achieve my visions for my dream practice. Scott and Becky are both outstanding and insightful coaches who made the experience tremendously fun and enjoyable. With their guidance my team was able to achieve greater effectiveness with case presentation, obtain a higher level of work satisfaction, and increased my production and collections. This would not have been possible without their customized program of coaching. They have truly helped us understand that even a few percentage points of improved performance can translate into substantial gains... and that continued development of the skills and techniques we have learned over the past year were the key to continued growth in the future. Their high level of professionalism and commitment to our success will make it a pleasure for me to refer their services to my dental colleagues.

Bernie B. Villadiego, DDS
Accredited Member AACD

Michael Z. Hopkins, D.D.S.Practice of the Year 2006
Michael Z. Hopkins, D.D.S.

Working with Clifton and Associates over the past year has allowed me to remake my practice in ways I had never imagined. I come to work energized knowing that my office and my staff are "online" to be organized and effective in providing a high level of service to our patients. Not only has our profitability improved significantly, but our office is now a much less stressful work environment. Thanks to the Clifton Crew for all your great advice and assistance.

Michael Z. Hopkins, D.D.S.
Redondo Beach, California
Brian M. Kar, D.M.D.Practice of the Year 2005
Brian M. Kar, D.M.D.

After the practice opened in June of 2003, we had experienced slow, steady growth. In early 2005, I decided to hire Clifton & Associates to help take my team and practice to the next level. With their guidance, we implemented practical, effective methods for improving our systems. At the end of our first nine months of training, we not only met, but exceeded our practice goals. My team and I have great expectations for 2006. Thanks Clifton & Associates! We could not have done it without you.

Brian M. Kar, D.M.D.

Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S. Tara Hopeck-Amin, D.M.D.Practice of the Year 2004
Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
Tara Hopeck-Amin, D.M.D.

We had high expectations when contracting Clifton & Associates as our coach. We already had a well-run office, but were interested in taking our practice to the next level. The in-office training helped to heavily integrate our staff into the "patient experience." We now evaluate so many more parameters and indicators of success that have helped to decrease our stress and increase the bottom line. We continue to use the skills and philosophy in our daily practice. Needless to say our expectations were exceeded!

Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
Tara Hopeck-Amin, D.M.D.

D.D.S Craig Ellsworth, DDSPractice of the Year 2003
D.D.S Craig Ellsworth, DDS

The in-office hands on evaluation and face-to-face training was most beneficial compared to typical seminars or even having to travel to an off-site location. The training in our office personalized and tailored specifically for our office. Our growth far exceeded my expectations and the coaching program provided us with a business plan to meet our new and future goals!

Craig Ellsworth, DDS
Riverside, CA
D.D.S Frank Finazzo, DDSPractice of the Year 2002
D.D.S Frank Finazzo, DDS

Thank you for teaching my team how to help my patients. I now realize that they do a lot better job at treatment presentation than I do. The "smile interview process" that you taught us has resulted in tremendous practice growth. I give you my highest recommendation. I have used consultants in the past, but the systems you helped us develop have surpassed all of my expectations.


Frank A. Finazzo, DDS

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